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The “TY” in Tech TY stands for “Thank You”

Catawba word, hawoh (pronounced hah-woh) means “Thank you”

Calling on all super mentors to scout, solve and thank by meeting unmet needs with Technology in America.

Thom and Sandy, both successful business executives with passions for making a difference, saw the opportunity to re-purpose Tech TY and create something meaningful.  Sandy was attracted to The Catawba Tribe and connected with techniques to scout out unmet needs, solve problems and become friends by thanking those who take part in the journey. (Customers, Catawba Tribal members, Vendors, Partners, and fellow Americans)

Drawing from the rich historical experiences of the Catawba and Tech TY experiences in Technology this vision will be realized for The Catawba Tribal generation of today and other generations to follow.

We are very proud of our ownership heritage.  We are wholly owned by The Catawba Indian Nation, the only federally recognized Native American Tribe in South Carolina.

Thomas Trimal

Chief Executive Officer – CEO

Thom is a native Catawba citizen raised on the Catawba reservation in South Carolina, where he took an interest in tribal business activities from a young age. Thom has been a Board member of The Corporate Nation, the business arm of The Catawba Indian Nation, since it’s inception and has been a driving force in diversifying the tribe’s business interests and developing new business opportunities.

In addition, Thom is a successful international businessman with experience managing complex projects and overseeing teams of employees in both the USA and China. He owns a medical supply company that distributes products to 28 countries and is a leader in innovative device design and manufacturing.

Thom regularly travels to China, Singapore and Hong Kong to oversee operations and distribution. His experience in different industries and ability to utilize transferable management skills make him an invaluable asset to the overall growth and development of Tech TY.

Bennett “Cyber Sandy” Masin


Executive Business Advisor, Technologist and Humanitarian – Your Trusted Secure Business Supply Chain Pro!!!

Sandy brings 30+ years of experience in the field of information technology. He has a diverse background in both government and corporate settings, with extensive experience in instructional and enterprise computing, as well as telecommunications. Previously, Sandy served in key senior roles as an IT Program Manager servicing government contracts involving the White House, Pentagon, NASA, Department of Education and Department of Energy as well as large scale programs with Staples Business Advantage, AT&T, Tech Data and EDS.

Advanced knowledge of the principles and practices within Sales Effectiveness Operations including knowledge required for complex problems, new project and system development, strategic analysis, etc. Develop short and long-term plans for the effective development and implementation of longer term marketing, sales operations and financial projects. Focus on work prioritization, forecasting, scheduling and coordinating resources within assigned projects.

Calling On All  Super Mentors

Call All Super Mentors

Friends of Catawba Super Mentors (FOCSM)

Proportionally,  the Catawba Nation has given more veterans to American wars than is normally seen in our total populace by category.

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