Catawba Tribal Tech

The Catawba Indian Nation, a federally recognized tribe, is the only one located in the state of South Carolina.

The Catawba Indians have lived on their ancestral lands along the banks of the Catawba River dating back at least 6000 years.

SCOUT! Learn from the past! The Catawba were known as as skillful warriors using advanced scouting technology to give their American Patriot partners advantages in winning key wars.

SOLVE! From early history, the Catawba used technology of the day to solve problems in key trade commerce, farming, fishing, hunting, clay products and battles.

THANK! Did you know that George Washington closely allied with the Catawba both before and during the Revolutionary war?  Like then we thank you in advance for the opportunity to provide America with technology solutions of today and beyond!

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Basic Tech

Tech TY gives our customers a vast array of technology products, including the latest data center, software, cloud, mobility, public sector and private enterprise sector offerings.

SCOUT!  Find how to do more with less. As budgets tighten, government IT will need to consider newer technologies – such as mobility and cloud computing – to better control costs.

SOLVE! Fragmented IT infrastructures threaten data security and governance, growing data is too much for legacy systems to process, insufficient disaster recovery leaves organizations vulnerable to loss and internal resourcing demands cause innovation to suffer.

THANK!  Like then we thank you in advance for the opportunity to provide America with technology solutions of today and beyond!

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Advanced Tech

Tech TY offers advanced technology, also known as high technology or cutting edge technology, is a field, approach or tool that is at the forefront of technological progress.

SCOUT!  The world is becoming an intelligent, digitally enabled mesh of people, things and services. Discover what matters in biomedicine, computing, data security, business innovation strategies, sustainable energy, robotics, mobile technology, and more.

SOLVE! Protect data anywhere it goes, Trusted Secure Supply Chains, Big Data management/visualization/ predictive analytics, Aeronautical Technologies, Biomedical Technologies, Industrial Systems, Agricultural Systems, Transportation Infrastructure and Geographic Data Collection, Use, and Distribution

THANK!  Like then we thank you in advance for the opportunity to provide America with technology solutions of today and beyond!

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Looking for a way to grow your business? Partner With Tech TY!

Tech TY is technology focused company solely 100% owned by the Catawba Indian Nation, the only “Federally Recognized Native American Tribe” in the state of South Carolina that meets DOD Indian Incentives Act requirements, with “super 8(a) status” and meets HUBZone criteria.

The Corporate Nation is a Section 17 federally chartered Native American tribally owned business owned in its entirety by the Catawba Indian Nation and the owners of Red Heritage Services ( “RHS”) a wholly owned subsidiary business of which is Tech Ty (“TT”)

As a Tribal and Native American owned enterprises Tech TY is seeking alliances with existing businesses for economic and business growth. Tech TY bring a whole host of business advantages that include, among other things, minority contracting preferences and opportunities.

North American Indians are recognized with strong business advantages. These advantages are particularly marked in relation for government and private sector contracting, and there are many savvy planning options available. Native American businesses, tribal member owned enterprises and minority companies are in demand. All government contracts and most private corporations require a percentage (anywhere from 20% to 40%) of their vendor dollars to go to minority enterprises. Native American companies can play a significant role in contracting as a subcontractor, or a prime contractor. Native American owned enterprises have the unique opportunity to offer DOD prime contractors the ability to access the 5% cash contract rebates available under the Native American Incentives Act (U.S.C.1544 FAR Clause 52.226-1). Native American and minority enterprises can utilize SBA socially Disadvantaged Business certification (SDB), HUBZone certification and SBA 8(a) SDB certification to break into government contracting. The Unique Value of Native American Contractors Native American and tribally-owned enterprises have unique advantages in minority contracting and can offer prime contractors solutions to minority subcontracting requirements including possible cash rebates.


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